Zeta Jar, Bottle Opener Plus Tap Turners

Posted on March 14th, 2017


A lightweight moulded plastic handle that can be used as a tap turner as well as open jars and bottles. The handles are textured for a better grip.  Available in three colour coded sizes.  Features include:

  • lightweight molded plastic
  • pliable easy-grip inner rings
  • an upper & lower ring on each
  • easy to attach & easy to turn
  • minimal grip required to hold
  • bright & easy to see colours
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Zeta Jar, Bottle and Tap Turner

The Zeta Tap Turner makes the simple daily task of unscrewing a jar lid or turning on a tap seem much less of a chore.  Assistive devices, such as jar and bottle openers, can help people with a weak grip or lack of hand strength. If you experience reduced grip, pain or tremor when opening jars, this lightweight molded plastic grip may be the answer you are seeking. Great for people who have arthritis in their hands or fingers.



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