Metron Stretch Ranger

Posted on October 18th, 2016


Stretch Ranger

A low cost, simple-to-use rehabilitation tool for shoulder injuries, or for post operative rehabilitation. Simply hook the pulley over a door and it is ready to go.

• Simple and easy to use
• Increases range of motion
• Helps rehabilitate shoulder injuries
• Helps speed up the recovery process
• Easily fits over standard door
• Ideal for home use

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Stretch Ranger Over Door Pulley System

The Stretch Ranger is a low cost, simple-to-use device that you can use at home between treatments.  When it comes to upper body and shoulder range of motion, one exercise item of particular use is the shoulder pulley.  Originally developed by a practising Physical Therapist in 1985, the Stretch Ranger was the first web-strap over-the-door pulley on the market.  Today it is still the market leader.

When used at home, in conjunction with professional therapy, it can help to speed up the recovery process.  It is also ideal for preventing and rehabilitating shoulder injuries.   To use, simply grab each end of the rope, and with one hand then pull a weaker or injured hand up and down.  This therapeutic movement will help increase strength and stretch muscles and tissue.  Pulley exercises include shoulder flexion, shoulder abduction as well as internal and external rotation.


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