Kylie Pillow Cover

Posted on August 20th, 2016


Kylie Pillow Cover

The Kylie Pillow Cover is developed from a soft, yet durable, waterproof material and treated with an anti-bacterial/ anti-fungal agent to prevent odours and inhibit the growth of bacteria. The Pillow Cover offers protection from pillow soiling.

• PVC (non-phthalates)
• 1800x920x200mm
• Latex Free

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Kylie Pillow Cover

For more than 45 years, the Kylie Bedding Products have been helping Australians sleep with confidence and comfort.  The Kylie Pillow Cover is designed using a soft, durable waterproof material.  You won’t notice these soft pillow protectors on your pillows, but you will notice that your pillows no longer go brown and stained.  A great protection against sweat and dribble.  Also Perfect for every pillow in the house.  The pillow cover is  suitable for use in both home and hospital.

Wipe  with a damp sponge or mild disinfectant
DO NOT place in direct sunlight or near a heat source

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